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Once PortalGuard is deployed within your agency, you will be able to fulfill the policies in place for IT security. Some of the principle policies set forth for CJIS deal specifically with user ID's, remote system access, password compliance, auditing, reporting, and two-factor authorization. PortalGuard provides the following solutions in answer to these policies:. PortalGuard offers both the traditional OTP method of verification i.

SMS, hardware, voice, etc. PortalGuard's 2FA also monitors the who, what, where, and when of each login for accountability and protection of the information being accessed.

Within PortalGuard's 2FA, Single Sign-On SSO and PortalGuard's PassiveKey can be configured to give each user an integrated, user-friendly, interface, eliminating the need to remember multiple passwords, therefore, strengthening login security and reducing help desk calls.

PortalGuard helps you meet the 2FA, password, and accountability security requirements quickly and creates an interface that is user-friendly without compromising security. For a more detailed description of how PortalGuard's solution fulfills each policy, click here. This paper discusses how to properly secure access to law enforcement applications and information regardless of where the individual is making the request from.

SAML Single sign on provides a method of managing multiple user repositories and applications through a single, strong login portal. How does PortalGuard stack up against the competition in features and capabilities?

Stand Your Guard. Standardize Your Logins. Toggle navigation. Single Sign-On. Self-Service Password Reset. Two Factor. Password Sync. Straightforward to get set up and running and their customer support is very responsive.

Outdated Massachusetts laws still on the books

With PortalGuard they only have one password, and if they forget it, they can reset it on their own. Solution Brief This paper discusses how to properly secure access to law enforcement applications and information regardless of where the individual is making the request from. Tech Brief SAML Single sign on provides a method of managing multiple user repositories and applications through a single, strong login portal.

Comparison Guide How does PortalGuard stack up against the competition in features and capabilities?It seems that JavaScript is not working in your browser. It could be because it is not supported, or that JavaScript is intentionally disabled. Some of the features on CT. All previously enacted executive orders on all closures, distancing, and safety measures have been extended through at least May For the latest information and guidance, visit ct.

For more information, please click following link to: Register. This includes local, state and federal agencies, as well as, State's Attorneys' offices throughout the state. The purpose of Municipal Access to the Judicial Electronic Bridge MA-JEB is to promote public safety and welfare by providing access to selected offender information to authorized law enforcement personnel.

MA-JEB provides client profile information including address, open cases and sentenced closed cases, as well as, a photo s. Each case displays the Probation Officer's name, office location, phone number, dockets and charges, conditions of probation, and probation start and end dates. Based on statutory restrictions, certain information and certain offenders are excluded from this web site at this time i.The Stark County Judicial System is comprised of the court of common pleas and three independent municipal courts, each with an elected clerk of court and each maintaining its own database.

The CJIS project has provided an independent website for these four courts. It is now possible to obtain information from all of the clerks of court databases in the county with one inquiry into a single website. The contributors and participants in the CJIS project are pictured above. We hope you will find this website both convenient and informative. Your feedback is deeply encouraged; please forward your questions, comments, and suggestions to us by clicking here to e-mail us.

Learn More Offices Louis P. Maier, Jr. Elected Officials. Phil G. Giavasis Clerk of Canton Municipal Court. Johnnie A. Clerk of Massillon Municipal Court. Louis P. Giavasis Clerk of Common Pleas Courts.

George T. Maier Stark County Sheriff. John D. Ferrero Stark County Prosecuting Attorney. Username or E-mail Enter your email address or username Password Enter your password Forgot password? In order to use the advanced features such as online payments, e-filing, and automatic e-mail updates you must register.

However, if you would like docket access only then please click below to login as a guest.Computer Projects of Illinois, Inc. CPI is the only information sharing solutions provider dedicated to law enforcement professionals.

Having served the industry for over 30 years, our team has unmatched experience and passion for creating useful, innovative products designed to increase public safety and prevent dangerous situations.

We believe software can help save lives, which is why we deliver the best solutions. Including Department of Homeland Security, U.

Department of Justice, and U.

CJIS Password Policy Requirements

Communication barriers can lead to unsafe situations. Everything is designed with customer needs in mind, ensuring dynamic and user-friendly applications. CPI is very good at timely communications. Often times they even initiate communications, letting me know about something that needs attention or that I should be aware of prior to me even having knowledge of it.

They make recommendations on how to address those issues and moves very quickly to solve it. Reach out to us by calling our CPI corporate phone atthe hour help deskor by submitting the form here. Lost password? Proven progress.

Proven protection. Over Half of U. Law Enforcement Users Including federal, state, and local agencies. Products that Protect. Learn More. Benefits Across Agencies Reliable Systems with continual information updates and technological advancements.Log in or Sign up. Has any other departments gotten online for this? We wnet online with it today. It is amazing what you can do with it. Getting the license picture now is even better.

The partial seraches is even more amazing. PJ What did you have to do to get online? Did they install new equipment?

EEC Single Sign In

GilJun 25, The link should already be on your desktop of your main terminal not available at this time to MDT's.

It is taking the them a while to call each dept head rep and set up the first password. We got access a month ago, while another dept down the street just got it earlier this week. It is through CJIS, to answer your question. Remember not to violate any anti-stalking laws once you are on-line! JohnBarleycornJun 25, CJIS will contact the dept rep them they will download the setup to your terminal.

Its a 20min phone conversation with a CJIS operator. They teach you over the phone how to use the equiptment then you train your fellow officers.

Its also a password protected system like the BOP file. I just hope you don't teach people how to spell equipment. I told myself I wasn't going to do that. Love Your Big Brother, Dean!

Sir, Never Quit, Sir! God do I miss your stings John Barleycorn. We got it today, it looks like its going to be so monotored you gotta change your underwear after using it. Also they are talking about putting credit history on it. I personaly think Credit History is going too far. I know many departments who dont do very thorough Backgrounds on civilian dispatchers, now they will all have access to my credit history Credit History is not comfirmed.

As of now its a picture Drivers license info and Registration info only. Its also a pilot program so there is lots more work to be done.

ND CJIS Training

The search function works well when all you have is a partial plate. SRRergJun 26, MVSJun 27, MacopJun 28, Newton has the pics on their laptops also. Nice system. COLEJun 29, Our dept is going to be running this starting in the next couple weeks. Chief said that it will eventually replace R ScreensPicking up our rental car was speedy and well organized. A new car was ready for us and they took the time to go over key points of the car. Excellent service and a well organised trip.

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