Jethalal mahashivratri episode

Sign In. Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah —. Year: Add Image S1, Ep1. Error: please try again. Jethalal is desperate to have a cup of tea and visits Taarak's house but to his dismay, Anjali does not allow Taarak to have tea. Thus Jethalal sacrifices his cravings for tea for the sake of friendship. Though Taarak insists Jethalal to go to the tea-stall, Jethalal is adamant to have tea from his society's friends house and ends up without having a cup of tea.

Add Image S1, Ep2. Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot. Add Image S1, Ep3. Add Image S1, Ep4. Add Image S1, Ep5. Tapu has decided to take full revenge from his own father for his mother's tears.

This complete family and Bollywood drama has put Jethalal into huge trouble and also within Jail. He is now concerned about his son's behavior and decides to do something about it. What conclusion will Tarak Mehta and Jethalal reach? Add Image S1, Ep6. Tragedy befalls Jethalal's family when his father, Champaklal Jethalal Gada goes missing from the railway station. Concerned about her father-in-law's safety, Daya approaches the media for help. Will their search end on a good note? Where is Champaklal after all?

Add Image S1, Ep7. Add Image S1, Ep8. As Mumbai is hit by heavy rains, the residents of Gokuldham Society are struck by varied kinds of problems. In the meanwhile, Tapu and his friends decide to play football in the rain. Also, Anjali is worried sick as she is unable to reach her husband in this bad weather. Add Image S1, Ep9. All parents of the Gokuldham Society are delighted on their children's safe return.

On the other hand, Jethalal's father is struggling to adjust to the ways of city life. Infuriated by the insults flung at him by Mr.While the makers got into a controversy with Raj Thackrey's party MNS, it seems like their apology has settled things. And now, they're gearing up to tickle everyone's funny bones again. In the upcoming episode, viewers will witness a fun banter between the three men of the Gadha family.

We're talking about Champaklal, Jethalal and Tapu, and that too over a drink. Confused, aren't you? Yes, this hilarious exchange between them will be over a drink, but it will be 'Kadha' a bitter concoction of herbs that helps to boost immunity.

Jethalal will prepare this special drink and force Tapu to drink it to stay fit and healthy. A hesitant Tapu refuses to comply with Jethalal's demands, but the latter keeps his father mode on. He keeps pestering Tapu and narrates stories of his childhood where he used to savor the drink to ward off illnesses. Ultimately, Tapu bows down to his dear father's orders and gulps the glass of Kadha down his throat as he holds his nose.

This isn't it. Later, Jethalal gets the taste of his own bitter concoction as Champaklal forces him to also follow his own advice.

Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah SPOILER ALERT: Jethalal forces Tapu to drink a decoction

Champakla asks Jethalal to drink the Kadha too as it is good for his health, but the latter tries to wriggle out saying he has had his share during childhood.

However, Champaklal and Tapu insist Jethalal for a fair play and finally, Jethalal also gulps down the distasteful decoction.

Well, it only proves, 'Like father like son. Self isolation is lonely, let's become companions for each other. Click here to share your lockdown stories anonymously and read what other's have shared.

Pinkvilla has updated its Privacy and Cookie policy. We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and show you Personalized advertisement. Share your Lockdown Story. Here's what will happen. Add new comment Your name.The episode starts with Babita asking Jethalal how many guests are there for dinner. Jethalal gives her a count of 7 including her and Iyer. Babita declines he offer as they have a candle night dinner reservation. Jethalal admires her dedication Inspite on having plans the same evening.

They continue with the preparations and Jethalal tells Babita that he will prepare the dough. Jethalal is busy admiring Babita and less focused on the preparations. He puts too much water in the dough.

Gokuldham Society

Babita tells him to go out and sit while she completes the preparations. He offers her help with the mango pulp. While he is demonstrating to Babita how to squeeze mangoes to take out the pulp Bapuji enters the kitchen and the pulp spills on his clothes.

Bapuji goes ballistic. He asks Jethalal to leave the kitchen as he may increase work for Babita. Jethalal pleads to Bapuji to let him help. Bapuji calls Tappu also for help. Jethalal again spills the pulp on Bapuji and Bapuji this time asks him to go and get ready. Babita asks Bapuji also to get ready while she prepares for the dinner. Jethalal finds excuses to go in the kitchen however Bapuji makes him sit with him.

Babita and Tappu come out of the kitchen and tell them that the dinner is ready. Jethalal once again thanks Babita for the help. Jethalal asks Babita to leave if she wants to as she and Iyer have a dinner reservation. All of them are eagerly waiting for the guests. Jethalal again asks Babita to leave if she wants to.

Just then, the door bell rings and Abdul is at the door.

Jethalal Bhang Ladoo Full Episode Video Download

He gets a couple inside who he claims to be the guests. Mumbai ka Vada pav ya Chennai ki Idli Chutney! Jethalal and Bapuji are unable to recognise them. They finally reveal that they are the guests that the Gada family is waiting for. They mention a different name that they are looking for. They have come at the wrong address. Abdul offers them soda for the error. After the couple leaves, Iyer arrives looking for Babita and tells her that they need to leave as they are already late.The episode starts with Bagha and Nattu Kaka arguing over whom should Jethalal listen to first.

During the argument, Jethalal falls on Bagha's part of the house. Jethalal gets annoyed and tells both of them to apologize to each other and end the fight. Jethalal tries to break the string separating the room into two.

Jethalal gets annoyed and tells them that they should be ashamed for fighting like adolescents. Bagha tells Jethalal that the fight started with Nattu kaka's snoring.

They both start arguing again. Jethalal tells Nattu kaka to understand the situation as he is elder among the two. He tells Nattu Kaka to let Bagha sleep first since he has a problem with his snoring. Nattu Kaka asks for a day off the next day since he won't be able to sleep because of Bagha's snoring. Jethalal gives them cotton balls to put in their ears to prevent them from getting disturbed of each others snoring. Jethalal suggests them to sleep and he will leave once they sleep.

He notices that both of them are in deep sleep and decides to leave. However he waits and falls asleep for a brief time. He leaves and thinks to himself there is no time to sleep and how they both bothered him. He has forgotten his house keys and will have to ring the bell.

He rings the bell and discovers that he had switched off power to the door bell. He decides to call Tappu but his phone switches off due to low battery. He knocks on the door and calls out to Tappu and Bapuji however they are in deep sleep. He decides to go to Popatlal's house and sleep. He sees a black cat at his door and gets scared. He notices that Popatlal's house is locked and thinks where can he go to sleep. He notices that the door of club house is open and walks in there.

He sees the same cat that he saw at Popatlal's door. He thinks of sleep on the snooker table. Bapuji wakes up and discovers that he's late to wake up. He thinks to check on Jethalal but doesn't find him in his room.

He is unreachable on his mobile phone too. He calls Bagha and Nattu Kaka who don't answer his calls too. Abdul sees someone sleeping in the club house and decides to alert everyone. He calls out to everyone and tells them that there is an unknown person in the club house. They all decide to investigate. Self isolation is lonely, let's become companions for each other.

Click here to share your lockdown stories anonymously and read what other's have shared.The episode starts with Jethalal calling Sunder and Sunder tells him that Jethalal never calls him without any work reason.

jethalal mahashivratri episode

Jethalal asks him if he played a prank on him about the mysterious couple. Sunder denies doing anything like that. Jethalal asks to speak to Daya however Sunder tells him that she is on a pilgrimage.

He then calls one of his childhood friends and checks with him if he called in the morning. He denies and suggests him to call another of his friends. Jethalal does just that. Even he denies playing a prank on him. Just then he gets a call on the landline of the same man who called him in the morning. Jethalal tries to know his name however the man says he will reveal only at dinner.

He calls Taarak Mehta to find a solution to this. Taarak Mehta tells him to ignore it however Jethalal tells him how anxious he is to know who the couple is. Taarak Mehta asks him to relax and focus on work. He even gives him a deep breathing exercise. Taarak Mehta suggests him to go to the store to keep his mind busy.

Jethalal encounters a difficult customer in the store. While Jethalal, Bagha and Nattu Kaka are discussing about the customer situation Nattu Kaka reminds him of the couple. In the hustle and bustle Jethalal forgets to check in Babita if the preparations are complete.

jethalal mahashivratri episode

He calls her to check on the preparations and offers to get vegetables from the market. He tells her that he will get the vegetables and thanks her for the efforts. He tells Nattu Kaka and Bagha that he is leaving for the day to prepare for the evening. Nattu Kaka and Bagha suggest Jethalal to give a gift to Babita for her efforts. Jethalal asks Bagha where would be find fresh vegetables around the area.

Bagha gives him directions to get to a vegetable vendor who sells fresh vegetables. Jethalal leaves from the store. Her new pic leads to the speculations. Self isolation is lonely, let's become companions for each other. Click here to share your lockdown stories anonymously and read what other's have shared.

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Share your Lockdown Story. Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah May 10, Written Update: Preparations in full swing for mysterious couple In today's episode we see how Jethalal is anxious to know who the couple is and ends up calling a few people from his contacts to know if they pranked him.

Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah SPOILER ALERT: Jethalal plans a pre Holi surprise with Tapu Sena

View this post on Instagram. Add new comment Your name.It is the address where all members are residing. There are so many religions people residing in Gokuldham society like Hindu, Muslim, Parsi, Christian and others. They all celebrate it with lots of enjoyment and love. In the end, they soon enough patch things up. Mostly families like :. Please do not hesitate or forget to share this article on the popular social networking websites to make it more useful to all the fans worldwide.

I am a big fan of tmkoc especially Mehta family sailesh sir and sweta mam plz reply. I m watching this show from the beginning from 28 july Me bhi tarak mehta ka oolta chashma me kam karna chahta hu meri aashit bhai Modi se vinnti he ki muje bhi kam karne ka mouka de. Lately itis very less comedy and more of messages.

Miss old comedy of Daya, Jetha etc. I am regular viewer of tmkuc. Please use light makeup for all stars, please check naturally beauty of stars in old episodes and new episodes. I really want to part of this show.

Sunderlal Aaya Jethalal Ko Paise Lautane Gokuldham! LATEST EPISODE - Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah

I just love the show. Never miss any episode. The most fantastic family is gada family. Pure comedy, social message and unity in mrmbers of society. All actors doing very well. Written by taarak. Chaloo Pandey — Dayashankar Pandey.She remembered seeing Kapil in the temple as well as Angad and Nisha. She asked Shiv ji why he showed her Kapil if she was supposed to marry Angad in two days.

She doubts whether her marriage is wrong or Maha Shivratri story is wrong.

jethalal mahashivratri episode

She questioned god for making her life miserable and Angad leaving her for Nisha when he was supposed to come with her. She thought that she will wait for Angad for sometime so she could get some answers but Angad never showed up and she exited the temple.

She saw a reflection of someone and thought that it is Angad and started asking him questions. Kapil confessed to have thought about her and her plan to marry Angad. He was going to let them get married. Upon questioning him, Kapil revealed that Shiv ji has tied their destiny together. Kapil is written in her destiny and not Angad. Kapil answered why he always appeared in front of her.

Sandhya told him to stop talking and started leaving. Kapil stopped her and told her that she is not understanding the signals that god is giving her.

Kapil started convincing her on why she left her house even though she was supposed to marry Angad and why she keeps meeting Kapil. Kapil said that she might try to stay away from him but destiny has them tied together and they will unite no matter what. She started leaving and fell in a pit. Kapil went to save her and told her to give her hand. She was about to drown but Kapil saved her with the help of a tree branch.

She came out of the pit and hugged him. Madhuri, Usha and Pratibha came out and saw insects on the coconut. Usha speculated that Angad and Sandhya are at the terrace but Pratibha denied it. She reached out to the tree branch only to find that it has turned into a garland around their neck. Kapil informed her that the garland and his blood are sign which means they are married now.

He said that today is the big night. It started raining. Mahadev had approved too and they take rounds around the fire. Angad came to Kartik and asked about Sandhya. Kapil hugged Sandhya and his evil eyes illuminated. He could see the witch standing afar. Meanwhile, Angad kept on searching for Sandhya and decided to come to temple where others followed him.

Kapil suggested that they should stay somewhere and located a hut nearby where they decided to stay.

jethalal mahashivratri episode

Sandhya suggested to go home but Kapil was persistent on staying in the hut. Kapil saw a piece of glass on the ground and smirked evilly. Kapil picked up Sandhya and headed to the hut.


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