Mystical school

Meet with a one of our trained and experienced healers and teachers all over the world. The time for change is now.

mystical school

It is time to bring back the essence of the Goddess. Awaken to your true spiritual nature and heighten your connection with your Higher Self. Take the next step in your spiritual progression with Initiation into the Lineage of King Salomon. Share the Light with others, awaken the spirit, enlighten the mind, heal the soul. Articles written by Guides, Teachers and Healers from all over the world. The Modern Mystery School is an international community of Light workers, initiated in an ancient tradition of service, compassion and empowerment.

We believe in the maxim of Know Thyself. To know yourself is to know others, to know the universe and to know God - by whichever name you choose to use.

A key to knowing yourself is to know your true purpose in life. We are a mystery school that believes that all humans can be empowered to live in peace, joy, fulfillment, abundance, harmony with all, while being in accordance to their own unique purpose. We believe that life is meant to be lived, and realizing your own true potential is part of thriving as a spiritual and physical being. The mission of the Modern Mystery School is World Peace: To create peace on this planet by uplifting the hearts and minds of humanity.

The Modern Mystery School is in service to all of humanity to assist in the ascension of the human consciousness on this planet. This is a mission the school and its lineage holders have been working towards for over 3, years.

The Modern Mystery School

You have already begun! You are here because you are searching for something. What that something is can vary from person to person.

Everyone comes to examine these questions at some stage in their life, and some truly delve into that process of wonderment. That process we call it: Know Thyself! Contact us to meet with a Certified Guide or Life Activation Practitioner for a personal consultation. The Modern Mystery School head offices are located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and Tokyo, Japan, with practitioners and instructors all over the world, ready to support you as you delve into the profound process of self-discovery.

Through the enlightenment of you as an individual, we are creating a wave of change for the betterment of humanity and all beings on the planet.

Whether or not you came to this website intentionally or not, we welcome you! You are invited to embark upon a transformational journey that will definitely change your life, and that just might change the world. MMS International. Find a Certified Guide, Teacher or Practitioner near you! Life Activation. Empower Thyself. Healers Academy. International Articles. In this unprecedented time on our planet with Covid, there is so much unknown and so many changes in our world. The Modern Mystery School wants you to know About Us We are a mystery school that believes that all humans can be empowered to live in peace, joy, fulfillment, abundance, harmony with all, while being in accordance to their own unique purpose.

Mission The mission of the Modern Mystery School is World Peace: To create peace on this planet by uplifting the hearts and minds of humanity.


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Explore your Akashic Records and identify what karmic and past life actions are active in your present life. Tips on how to awaken your muse, jump start creativity and write a book from award winning author of six books, Kala Ambrose. Academy Philosophy.

The essence of the Academy is to access the wisdom of the inner temple created within the heart, mind and soul on the spiritual planes. This teaching explains that:. When the higher consciousness is activated, the all seeing eye of the universe becomes aware of our awakened presence and engages with us.

During this awakening, a series of alchemical changes occur, opening the auric bodies to receive an energetic transformation and informational download. An overflowing ocean of energy is now directed around the person, enhancing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. Prior to this exchange, the heart, body and mind was only able to perceive and hold tiny droplets of this magnetic energy in their energy body. This experience leads to a profound awakening for the student, that is timeless and as relevant and life altering today as it was in the sacred temples of Egypt and Greece, for.

As the student begins the process of knowing gnosis and awakening, each step leads further inward, gaining momentum along the way, leading into a rebirth of the soul, which alters the person on all levels. This experience is symbolized by the butterfly; it begins life in one form as a caterpillar and then engages in a transformative process -- going within a cocoon and emerging as a beautiful butterfly.

This is how the teachings grow. Rather than you absorbing them, they take root and absorb into you, forever changing who you are and how you view the world. Rather than you controlling the garden, You Become the Garden. With this in mind, perhaps it is time to ask this question Are you the person you thought you were? Or are you someone greater than you ever imagined? Perhaps you are the sum of all of these things and even more than revealed thus far.

Now that you are aware of these possibilities, what will you do with them. Each course taught by Kala is designed to stir the soul, awaken the mind and reveal long forgotten memories of past lives spent studying in the ancient temples, as well as to inspire you to explore the magnificence and magic of who you really are at the soul level.

Kala shares how mystical spirituality and conscious intuitive awareness can be used in modern day living to live your best life. The information from this course is provided for educational purposes only to promote understanding and knowledge of the topic. This course is not designed to and does not provide medical advice, professional diagnosis, treatment, or services to you or to any other individual.

It is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. No portion of this material is intended to offer professional legal, medical, personal or financial advice. The information contained herein cannot replace or substitute for the services of trained professionals in any field, including, but not limited to, medical, psychological, financial or legal matters.

Teachings and Consultations are conducted over the phone or via online webinar presentations. Recordings are made during events which may be offered at future dates for purchase. Private consultations can be recorded in mp3 audio file format, which can be sent after the consultation.Everyone knows about Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardrybut there many other institutions of magical learning in the world. All magical schools are Unplottable in some form or another.

Once of the home of the legendary Slavic witch it is named after, Baba Yaga has since grown into a full academy of sorcery. Like Durmstrang, it is known to actually teach the Dark Arts, though only to advanced students deemed able to handle the responsibility. The school doesn't have a fixed location.

The structure itself which began as a simple hut, but due to various additions has grown into a large, patchwork manorliterally walks about on giant chicken legs, roaming through much of Asia and Eastern Europe. As a result, Baba Yaga serves a wider range of students than any other magical school. Over years old, Beauxbatons is the primary magical school serving southern Europe. Though most of their student population is French, they also draw students from Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Italy.

The school places a strong emphasis on teaching etiquette and social graces. Their philosophy is that learning proper behaviour leads to more responsible wizards, which means less breaches of the Statute of Secrecy, and a stronger resistance to the temptations of the Dark Arts.

The school Coat of Arms is two golden wands crossed over one another, each shooting three stars. Beauxbatons is one of the three schools that join together for the Triwizard Tournament.

It was created to cater to the magical families of Canada, Alaska, and Greenland. The students are transported to the school by use of portkey, due to the remote location of the school and the wide distances between students. The school itself is known for its particular admonishment of beliefs of pure-blood superiority; students and teachers alike often speaking up for the equality of witches and wizards from all backgrounds. Serving students from all over South America, Castelobruxo is one of the oldest and most mysterious schools of magic in the world.

The school is housed in a stone pyramid, deep in the jungle, making it extremely difficult to locate and reach even without its Unplottability.

Castelobruxo primarily makes use of portkeys to get to and from the school. Furthermore, the school is guarded by Caipora, small and furry spirit-beings who emerge at night to watch over the students and the creatures who live in the forest. The magic practiced by students of Castelobruxo can sometimes seems strange to outsiders.

It is said that they teach forms of magic long forgotten in other parts of the world; a rumour that is quite believable given the sheer age of the school. Durmstrang has taught students from as far afield as Bulgaria.

mystical school

Durmstrang is one of the three schools that join together for the Triwizard Tournament. It is an old school, having existed for over years. The students at the school wear fur cloaks, fur hats, and blood-red robes. Durmstrang has a grim reputation, as it is known to actually teach the Dark Arts to its students, and does not admit Muggle-born wizards. The Heka School of Ancient Magic is one of the oldest and most mysterious of magical academies.

It is located in a place known as the Hidden Oasis, which is said to be nearly impossible to find without a map provided each summer to students.

mystical school

The map changes every year, leading some to believe the oasis itself moves about.To vote on existing books from the list, beside each book there is a link vote for this book clicking it will add that book to your votes. To vote on books not in the list or books you couldn't find in the list, you can click on the tab add books to this list and then choose from your books, or simply search.

Schools of Magic

Discover new books on Goodreads. Sign in with Facebook Sign in options. Join Goodreads. Stories which feature institutions that teach magic. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Patrick Rothfuss Goodreads Author. Ursula K. Le Guin. Trudi Canavan. Lev Grossman Goodreads Author.

Langland Goodreads Author. Terry Pratchett. Mercedes Lackey. Rainbow Rowell Goodreads Author. Dixon Goodreads Author. Justin Shier Goodreads Author. Cinda Williams Chima Goodreads Author. Maria V. Snyder Goodreads Author. Taran Matharu Goodreads Author.Account Options Sign in. Top charts. New releases. Add to Wishlist. Ever wanted to build and manage a magic school? Expand your school and upgrade classes. Enrol new students and watch them graduate. Do quests, fight dragons in adventures, go mining, and play match-3 to gather materials!

Play with friends to help each other out! Upgrade them to change their looks, stats and effects! Make your friends envious!

mystical school

Contact us at ashley happylabsfree. Please turn this off in device settings if you do not wish to use this feature. Reviews Review Policy. Bug fixes and general improvements. View details. Flag as inappropriate. Visit website. More by Happy Labs See more. Happy Labs. Raise your own virtual pet in your pocket! Hotel Story: Resort Simulation. Build and expand your own hotel, and attract tourists!

Resort simulation game.

Top 12 Schools Of Magic On Earth

See more. Cooking Mama: Let's cook! Office Create Corp.In ye olden dayspeople learned skills by being apprenticed to someone, so it was natural to assume that magicians would learn the ropes in the same manner. Then, the modern age saw the rise of public schooling and universities almost completely displace apprenticeship as the means of education.

In light of this, some authors decided that the school setting was a viable way to educate their magicians. Thus was born the Wizarding School, the institute for education in magic. There the young sorcerers go to learn various forms of rule-based Functional Magic after all, there's not much one can learn if the magic is random and uncontrollabledivided into different "subjects" or even schools of magic.

An exceptional talent may be a prerequisite for entrance, in which case the school is a center for Training the Gift of Magic. Expect plenty of Magi Babble on the tests. Schools are often boarding schoolswith the attendant tropes. The pupils there are children, who leave at sixteen or eighteen. If the pupils are lucky, they'll also get a good Muggle education in math and science when they aren't learning magic words. Universities usually only take students who are nominally adults, though exceptions may be made for rare genius.

The usual university tropes apply. The students will spend half their time drinking in the local bars; the professors will be busy with vigorous academic politics, and magical research.

Often the institution where the story is set won't be the only such in the world, though the others don't do very much. A subtrope of Extranormal Institute. Sometimes comes combined with a Magical Society. Community Showcase More.

Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. Now remember, students, this spell is only to be used on feathers, and not on your fellow students. Thousands of years as the leading establishment of practical magic in a world where dimensions were largely a matter of chance in any case had left it bulging with places where it shouldn't have places. Negi Springfield of Negima! It was them who assigned him his job at Mahora.

Ariadne is an entire city state devoted to magical education in the Magic World. Aoi Gakuen in Maburaho. The school itself is pretty ordinary aside from being absolutely enormous but just happens to have a secret class that teaches you how to fight demons. The Magician's Academyfrom the light novel of the same name. Lyrical Nanoha has St. Someday's Dreamers II: Sora takes place at a school where students can become recognized mages, which is treated like pretty much any other form of education.

Sorcerer Stabber Orphen has the Tower of Fangs. The magic cram school in Mamotte!


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