Razer tartarus v2 how to adjust palm rest

Home Help Search Login Register. Redrabbit5 Member Posts: Someone can report me differences between those keyboard? I own Tartarus V2it is an upgrade go to chroma? I also have g13 but think joystick stress my finger. There are some good youtube videos that compare the Tartarus V2 against the Orbweaver.

The main differences are more customization for comfort on the Orbweaver you can adjust the palm rest, wrist rest and move the thumbstick in or out. The orbweaver also uses Razer-created mechanical switches vs membrane switches on the Tartarus V2. Also, the V2 uses v3. That's pretty much it. One thing to note is the palm rest and wrist rest have a rubber grip that comes off after heavy use Razer used cheap glue but can be fixed by super gluing the rubber rests back on again, lots of youtube videos to fix this.

The rumour is Razer may be releasing a V2 of the Orbweaver which hopefully fixes the rubber palm and wrist rests Duke3d Member Posts: I have not used an Orbweaver but I do own more mechanical keyboards than I am comfortable admitting here. Short answer: if you're happy with the Tartarus, keep it. There are a lot of quality of life upgrades that come with switching to mechanical keys as opposed to membrane. Once you get used to the actuation, it can actually be a bit faster.

Again, probably not enough of an improvement to warrant dropping that kind of cash. Comfort is also improved since you don't have to bottom the keys out. Fatigue over long periods of gaming is a bit less. If you want to upgrade for those reasons and you have the money, go for it. But for a speed boost, I'd probably stick with what you've got. As long as you're happy with it. SMF 2.Add to cart. Price Alert. Add To Wish List.

Are you an E-Blast Insider? Close double click image to zoom in. Meet the best of both worlds. The Razer Tartarus V2 combines the soft cushioned touch of a membrane rubber dome with the crisp tactile click of a mechanical switch.

Each key is actuated at mid-height for an instantaneous response. The 8-way directional thumbpad can also be used for easy movement or to expand on commands Featuring individually programmable backlit keys and Comes with a detachable palm rest with two adjustable positions to suit your preferred angle of comfort. High-performance Gaming Keypad --Meet the best of both worlds. The 8-way directional thumbpad can also be used for easy movement or to expand on commands --Featuring individually programmable backlit keys and Comes with a detachable palm rest with two adjustable positions to suit your preferred angle of comfort Infinite Commands Endless Possibilities.

With the Razer Tartarus V2, you can bind commands and skills and activate them instantaneously—all in the palm of your hand. Powered by Razer Synapse Rebind buttons, assign macros, save profile configurations to the cloud, and explore advanced capabilities with the ultimate hardware configuration tool. Customer Reviews of Tartarus V2. There are no reviews yet. Do you own this product?

Cart Subtotal 0 Item. A ll rights reserved. Razer Mecha-Membrane Technology 32 fully programmable keys Unlimited macro lengths Ergonomic palm rest Hypershift mode for expanded commands Razer Chroma backlighting with Buy on Amazon Price incl. While they had some bloopers in the past, most of their products are excellent. This includes the Razer Tartarus V2. The layout is not optimized for gaming and the fact that you have to switch between your wireless gaming mouse and your keyboard is not productive.

A gaming keypad is a minimalistic approach to the standard keyboard, cutting down on all of the unnecessary extras helping you to control your gaming experience. Instead of using the Cherry MX keys that other manufacturers use, Razer built their own keys from the ground up. The keys are designed specifically for gaming, and all the keys function the same and have the same resistance level of 50g of actuation force which is barely more than the Cherry MX Red 45g of actuation force and less than all the other Cherry MX.

Almost all of the keys can be programmed using the supplied Synapse software and there is no restriction to the length of each macro.

"razer tartarus v2"

Next, the Orbweaver Chroma Elite is built for everyone. The hand rest, the thumb rest, and the palm rest are all adjustable so that you can find the perfect setup for your hand. Plus, the hand rest and the palm rest are padded to add a little more comfort for those endless gaming sessions. Some separate the directional controls completely, but Razer included it. It would have been nice if the directional control pad was modular left or right side.

If you needed options, you have it with the Orbweaver Chroma Elite. Each key can be programmed independently from all the others with up to The Synapse software does come preloaded with some color effects too, but you can customize it to your liking as well.

Starting out, we love the fact that almost every key can be programmed 28 out of Razer Orbweaver Chroma Elite. So, you need more keys than the Orbweaver? And while you are gaining some keys from the Tartarus V2, you are giving up a few extras too.

Again, the fact that Razer felt the need to create their own switches shows their dedication to the gaming community and making the experience as seamless and as immersive as possible.

All of their keys are built to work with 50g of actuation forcewhich is some of the softest in the industry. The Tartarus V2 has 32 total keys, all of which are fully programmable. Using the supplied Synapse software, you can assign all the commands and key sequences you want, without a limit to the size of the macro. Even better, the Tartarus V2 has each key actuated at mid-height so the moment you press down, you get an instant response i. Again, if you are a righty, you might find the layout a little difficult to use, primarily with the directional pad.

As the keypad itself is left-centric, you may find yourself with a little bit of wrist fatigue from kinking your hand to the left so much. Honestly, Razer has the coloring aspect down to a science. Both the Orbweaver and the Tartarus V2 have the ability to adjust the color of each key with up to We really like the fact that ALL of the keys can be programmed unlike some of the other variants.

And we still like the fact that all of the customizations can be uploaded to the Razer cloud and recalled as needed. And honestly, the Tartarus V2 looks more sturdy when compared to the Orbweaver probably due to adjustability. From a gaming standpoint, the Tartarus V2 is a great option.We review products independentlybut we may earn affiliate commissions from buying links on this page. Terms of use. A one-handed PC gaming "controller" that lets you replicate the primary gaming keys from a keyboard, or create your own custom setup, seems less valuable in a world where you can pair a gamepad with Windows 10 in a snap, and in which most gaming keyboards let you make custom-mapped profiles.

razer tartarus v2 how to adjust palm rest

For players who have acquired a taste for custom keypads, though, the Tartarus Pro is worth getting excited about. Its physical design mirrors the Tartarus V2, but the Tartarus Pro brings a new version of Razer's optical keys with adjustable actuation, allowing you to customize how easily the keys trigger. It isn't likely to change the way you feel about keypads, one way or the other, but it's a novel upgrade in a category where growth and change don't come along every day, or even every year.

The Tartarus Pro is compact but very feature-rich. The 2. You're technically getting just under a third of the functions of a full-size keyboard in a device that's around one-fifth as wide. I was able to comfortably find a spot for it next to a full-size gaming keyboard on my messy, crowded desk. The keypad is designed to emulate the left side of the keyboard, by default. There are 19 keys arranged in a nearly 5-by-4 box, corresponding to 1 through 5, Tab through R, Caps Lock through F, and Shift through C, with a 20th "space" key dangling off the lower right corner.

Unlike a keyboard, where keycaps and years of conditioning might keep you from experimenting too much with remapping keys, the keypad's agnostic layout feels freeing. Everything that's new and "pro" about the Tartarus Pro revolves around the keys.

In keeping with Razer's recent decision to rally around optical and opto-mechanical key switches, it swaps out the hybrid mecha-membrane keys used in the Tartarus V2 for new "analog optical" switches, which give you increased control over their actuation. More specifically, it gives the keypad the ability to create multiple travel-based actuation points, giving the keys a pressure-sensitive feeling similar to the buttons and analog sticks of the DualShock 4 and Xbox One gamepads.

Using a controller, many games will have a character walk when you tilt an analog stick lightly in one direction, then run when you push it as far as possible. When used as intended, it works as promised. It's neat to see a keyboard-like device bridge this gap, but its utility is pretty limited. Beyond users with grip issues who might have problems holding a controller, most people are still better off pairing a gamepad. Meanwhile, as a wider customization feature, analog actuation gets very messy, and is only partially effective.

The analog feature breaks down into two customization elements. First, you're able to adjust the keys' actuation point, allowing for a lighter or harder press. From there, you're also able to set a second actuation point for any key, which can trigger a second function. The first function is an unqualified success: Adjustable actuation is not unprecedented, but it is still a very rare feature and interesting to play with. The Tartarus Pro's keys already have a light touch, but if you want a true hair trigger, you can make one.

The second function is where things fall apart. It turns out there's more to making layered inputs work than simply setting one, then another. If the two inputs aren't connected and complementary, like walking and running, something will go wrong. For example, while playing Doom Eternal, I added a secondary function to my punch key mapped as Eso it would switch to the ammo-replenishing chainsaw mapped as C when the key bottomed out.

In theory, this would give me greater control, so long as I was careful about how hard I pressed. Another, less carefully planned scenario: I mapped my forward key to jump mapped as space at a half-press and move forward mapped as W at a full press.By signing up, you agree to receive emails from Razer about products, news, events and promotions including offers and discounts.

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razer tartarus v2 how to adjust palm rest

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That means if you buy something I get a small commission at no extra cost to you. There are a few things separating the Orbweaver Chroma and Tartartus V2 — price, keys, and adjustability. The Nostromo Speedpad n52 was one of the first keypads with mass popularity. Razer bought the rights to the Nostromo from Belkin and made it for a while, then came out with the Orbweaver and Tartarus lines to add more keys and features.

Read on.

Razer Tartarus Pro

Your thumb can reach a spacebar, directional pad, and thumb key to give you a lot more options than a keyboard. Hypershift can be assigned to any key. By holding it down, every other key can be given a second function.

The ANALOG Gaming Keypad - Razer Tartarus Pro Review

Both the Orbweaver and Tartarus have full RGB lighting which can be configured down to the individual key. Similar to Cherry Blue switches. The Mecha-Mechanical keys, despite not being fully mechanical, have a good tactile feel as well. No mushy keys here. Otherwise, continue on to the rest of the features. The difference between 30 and 32 keys comes down to the added scroll wheel on the Tartarus V2. It takes the place of one standard key, and can be given three functions — scroll up, scroll down, and press.

The Tartarus V2 gives you two options. It has a joystick cap for the thumb. The Orbweaver has a hat button, also 8-way. One more thing on keys — there is also a model called the Tartarus Pro. About the only difference between the Tartarus Pro and V2 is that the pro has analog keys. Analog keys respond to different levels of pressure from your fingers.

The only good use I can think of is for analog keys is the throttle on racing games. Lefties who use their mice left-handed will need to look elsewhere. Seems the only options are off-brand keypads. This makes the Orbweaver a better choice if you have especially long or short fingers.

razer tartarus v2 how to adjust palm rest

On the Tartarus, you only get one level of adjustment. The hand rest can be pulled off and repositioned. Forward position for shorter hands, back position for longer hands. Both models come with a 2-year warranty, which is pretty good compared to the 1-year warranty many peripherals come with. The Tartarus V2 has a lower selling price than the Orbweaver.I've always liked to examine and to describe the gadgets which are made for gamers. And today this is going to be just the case.

Let's start with an answer to this question: What is a keypad? It's not a piece of keyboard, as it might seem at first glance, but a fully independent device which makes a gamer's life easier and provides for additional comfort when playing. It is here that you need to observe the word "gaming," because when it comes to a regular keyboard, you know that you can use it for actual playing, which would be painful and inconvenient yet still possible. As for the keypads, a non-gaming version of a keypad is simply a numeric keypad on your keyboard, which is likely to be to your right at the moment.

The only thing you can play using this are probably some math games. For us gamers, a keypad is truly a majestic tool. Its ease of taps, hand comfort and full relaxation is a true fairy tale. Today, we'll learn how to choose a comfortable and useful device, identify who needs this gadget, give an overview of the model range, and pick the best products.

I wouldn't have been bothered by such issues but after surfing the web, I found out that no one had touched upon such questions, despite the obvious need for doing so. Nowadays, the range of this parameter is quite wide. You can rarely come across a set of keys. Some sets reach keys. Of course, the notion of a keypad itself is very relative, but personally, I think that the latter sets fit more into a category of keyboards. I would recommend purchasing a button keypad. Fewer buttons are unlikely to suffice unless you're using it as intended we'll talk about that laterand more buttons will only distract you and resemble a traditional keyboard.

Your hand should be placed on the keypad perfectly and not get tired, even after a night raid which lasts until the following evening. That's why you're buying a keypad! The model should initially fit your anatomical features which would then make it unique, or it should be adjusted which is more appropriate.


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